Company Profile

Nueva Generacion Manufacturas S.A. De C.V. (NG), is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of AC motor capacitors. NG has been producing capacitors for over 50 years and has produced in excess of one billion capacitors during that timeframe. In the last years, NG acquired the assets of several companies including; Commonwealth Sprague, Mallory AC, Phillips. In addition NG bought the entire operation of Barker Microfarads, Inc. (BMI).


The acquisition of BMI and our plant in China (NG Asia) gives NG multiple manufacturing sites and positions NG to be a market value leader for years to come.


NG’s headquarters, main Research and Development facility, and our largest manufacturing site are located in Mexico City, Mexico. NG is a privately held company that is committed to seek new endeavors, continuous improvement of our current products and businesses, and ways to strengthen ourselves.